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Published: 23rd March 2010
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You've probably been told to consider judgment recovery courses as a great way to make extra income.
Here's why we are confident in that claim - . With this system, you will never have to collect a debt from someone. Ever.
It crushes judgment recovery because its brand new. Its never been done.. You learn how to uncover hidden funds and kept them back to the owner.. Plus, there's no cap on your earnings, which can be stellar.
Judgment recovery has thousands of folks doing the old school methods. It has become a lucrative and accepted business. The problem is that, at the end of the day, you are still a debt collector.
Our program is dramatically better. You will find out where local municipalities hide monies from rightful owners. Then, you learn to re-unite the cash with the owners. If you think this is lame unclaimed money, nope. This is not commonly known.
Have you ever head of surplus funds or excess proceeds? They come from property sold at foreclosure. No one knows about this, with mortgage overages. A sample example follows.
Okay, a home sells at foreclosure auction. It sells for above and beyond what the mortgage company is trying to recoup. Who gets this money? No. The foreclosing entity is not allowed to hold onto the cash. An attorney generally handles the foreclosure on behalf of the mortgage company.
The county courthouse gets an overage check from the foreclosing entity's attorney.
Of course, a complete title search was performed by the foreclosure attorney before settlement. That attorney does not want to incur liability from disbursing the overage funds to those entitled. The responsible ends with the check getting sent off to the court.
Of course the court has responsibility here. They're supposed to tell folks that are due these monies. Three possibilities exist for entities who may have claim to the monies. 2nd mortgages and equity lines are generally at the front of the class to get these surplus funds. That's obvious. If there had been a judgment in place, a mortgage company would have refused to loan without paying it off first.
The next in line are any existing judgment holders. Once mortgages and judgments are satisfied, the owner is next up to receive overages.
After you find the funds attached to a file, you figure out who is in line for the cash. The monies can be made claim to by you without regard to who is in line for it.
The huge difference between this and judgment recovery is simple. You are getting money already collected!. There is no call for threats for debt collection through garnishment of wages. You're a modern day robin hood. The profits are out of this world, too. Complete e-book program is now under $300 but that's gonna go up at end of March 2010 to about five hundred bucks. The locator system is also going up in price beginning of April.
You may has also run across a surplus funds program known as hooked as overages. That's a completely different system.
Their program attempts to collect on a rare and hard to find type of overage - tax sale auction surplus. Redemption periods also effect the usefulness of their course. The level of difficulty is way higher, for a shot at way less deals. And the hooked on overages program runs 15 hundred bucks plus.
You can check out the ultimate system, that's taking the web by storm, here -
Judgment Recovery Course

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